We are the only hickory golf supplier to frequency the shafts so you have an outstanding set of clubs.

Why is should you frequency your shafts?  Keep reading to discover the true reason why you have a favorite iron.




How does  frequency matching system relate to the golfer's swing? With few exceptions, golf teachers have their students try to develop one repeating swing which is used for full shots with all clubs, yet the golfer is provided with a set of clubs that will produce thirteen different results if the same setup and swing is used with each club. Since each club in a standard set of clubs has a different frequency, the golfer must setup differently or swing differently with each club to get consistent results. With standard clubs a slightly different ball position must be used with each club to compensate for the variation in stiffness, since it is virtually impossible to change the way you swing. The ball must be moved back in the stance as the clubs get shorter. The Single Frequency System eliminates this adjustment since all clubs can be played from one of two positions once the correct location is established. All irons and fairway woods are played from the same location and the ball is moved ahead about one inch when the ball is placed on a tee for the driver. With single frequency clubs they all recover at the same place in the swing.

Some articles on the subject have suggested that frequency matching would be of no value to the average golfer because most amateurs do not have a consistently repeating swing. To the contrary, good swing or bad swing, all golfers have a repeating golf swing. Properly matched clubs eliminate much of the inconsistency that is normally attributed to the swing. Golfers want a set of clubs that react the same way to their swing, regardless of which club is being used. Our tests have shown that any golfer at any level can tell the difference in 5 cpm in a golf shaft so how can they expect to play consistently with a set of clubs that vary by 26 cpm. Every golfer that I have ever met has a favorite club. Itís their favorite because they hit more good shots with it than they do with any other club in their bag
In most cases the favorite club is the same as the frequency selected during the test, providing the person has a correct frequency shaft in the bag. You have all heard the statement that "ninety eight percent of all golfers are playing with the wrong clubs", so it should be no surprise to find out that there are many golfers who do not have a single club in their bag that is actually correct for them. This is a great tribute to either the skill level or the adaptability of the human being, when you consider the scores that have been posted with all of this ill fitted equipment.

You must also understand that FREQUENCY is AMPLITUDE INDEPENDENT. That means that regardless of how far I deflect the shaft the frequency remains constant. When you swing a golf club the shaft doesn't know what you are doing to it, it simply responds to what you are doing. If the shafts in your clubs are all the same frequency they will all respond in the same way to your swing.  Therefore, all shots with single frequency matched clubs feel the same from full shots to half shots and all clubs can be hit with equal ease from the 1 Wood through the Sand Wedge.