Bobby Jones went through a thousand hickory clubs before he commissioned his first set of custom playing irons. The Tom Stewart clubs Bobby Jones played with were our premier choice to model our irons after.

Since Bobby Jones had the luxury to have his clubs hand crafted to his specifications, he was ensured to have all clubs equally balanced and weighted, giving each club a solid feel and consistency. This precision gave him the confidence to perform at his best.

Finding a set of clubs like those Bobby Jones played with is very rare. Most sets were broken up and sold individually or just lost over time. We searched all of the top collectors to find a matching set. After countless hours of modeling and fine tuning, we are able to provide you with clubs that Bobby Jones would have been proud to play with.

We provide you with the best matched set of hickory irons available. Consistent head shape, consistent weight, consistent flight... the consistent game is your part of the equation- no guarantees on that!

We give you the tools to make your hickory game better.  There is no greater feeling in the world of golf than hitting a hickory iron pure.

To find irons like these at garage sales and collectors' tables could take you many years.  Then you would need to refurbish them and reshaft the clubs before you could play with them.

Forget about it!  Put those antique clubs on the wall and be proud of them.  Play hickory golf was meant to be played.

Do you think Bobby Jones played with 100 year old antique clubs? NO, his clubs were brand new!

A Full Set of Club Heads

Iron Loft Lie Length Swing Weight
3 22 60.00 38.75" D1
4 24 60.50 38.25" D1
5 28 61.00 37.75" D1
6 32 61.50 37.25" D1
7 36 62.50 36.75" D1
8 40 63.00 36.25" D1
9 44 64.00 35.75" D1
PW 48 64.50 35.50" D1
SW 56 64.50 35.50" D1
Putter  (any length): 7 of loft