About the Shafts:
The shafts of our clubs are all cut using a process called rift sawing / quarter sawing. This cutting process produces the best quality of straight grain wood. This is very important to the production of golf club shafts for a number of reasons:
1st: It allows for the shaft to be straight when routered out.
2nd: It allows the wood to be at it strongest when milled into a shaft.
3rd: It allows us to provide you with a set of clubs with the frequency adjusted to your specifications

Plain Sawn vs. Quarter Sawn and Rift Sawn Lumber:

The grain that shows on the surface of your club's shaft will appear different depending on how the wood was cut.

Plain sawn (or flat-sawn) lumber has the growth rings of the tree parallel to the board's broad face. Plain sawn wood highlights the grain, loops and growth swirls of the wood.

Quarter sawn has the growth rings of the tree approximately perpendicular to the surface. Quarter sawn wood has the straightest grain, and is used for our premium shafts.

Rift Sawn lumber is cut at a 30-degree or greater angle to the growth rings. This produces shafts with accentuated vertical or "straight" grain patterns.

Old World Meets New World Technology:

We customize our clubs shafts from precision cut lengths to fine tuning the attachment to the club head so that the increment of frequency increase from the longest to the shortest club in the set will be exactly the same.  This is "frequency matching".

Nobody else does this!